I Haven’t Had Much to Blog About…But

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I’ve been MIA from my little blog because my life has been pretty mundane lately…work, then home; home then back home.  Because of my work schedule, I don’t get to do much socializing because I’m either at work when everyone else is off from work or vice verse; or when I do get free time I’m exhausted and still have to run errands, clean, send out resumes (and re-write the time-consuming cover letter for each position), etc.  I’m somewhat boring with my life;  a lot frustrated by the job search process which is, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’; and a little bit depressed by how mundane my day-to-day life has become.

I am currently still working in the retail business, which I love but don’t see a real future in because it seems that the “powers that be” will not allow me to promote to the corporate side of the industry based on my education and previous management experience; rather that I must climb through the ranks of retail, which I’m not willing to do.  My only alternative is to go back to higher education, which I was completely burned out on and do not look forward to returning to.  But, what other options do I have?

Working in this industry is a love/hate cycle for me.  I love the job because it is so full of energy and fun and basically, I’m meeting new, interesting people every day.  The downside is seeing the full effect of greed first hand in commissioned sales and knowing that some customers are going into debt for material things.  But working in the industry (high-end retail) and seeing a perspective of life that I was never exposed to before, really has me pondering the question, how much do looks matter, really?

We all understand that we live in a superficial world and it would be extremely naive to say that looks don’t matter.  And, to a certain extent, we all understand that being materialistic is wrong.  However, I now understand, in a way that I never could before, just how much the “look of success” really does matter.   People judge us not only by race and gender and make certain judgments, but putting those variables aside I am starting to believe that what matters most is how successful you are perceived to be, regardless of the aforementioned variables.

I was reading an article recently that spoke to this very issue.  The article discussed how people in perceived “successful industries” must look the part in order to continue to gain clients and keep their business.  One of the examples given was a high-end real estate broker renting luxury cars to transport his wealthy clients to home viewings.  The justification was that you can’t gain or keep high-end clientele if you don’t look like you are having success in your field; i.e. the ability to buy expensive professional clothing, luxury cars, expensive brief cases, etc.

Working in this industry and talking to a lot of the customers about why they are shopping/buying certain items has really been eye-opening.  Additionally, I see salespeople break their necks to high tale it to the customer who “looks like she has money to spend.”

What has been your experience in this regard?  What are your observations?



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I just came across this little article and I must say that in my humble opinion, this is absolutely disgusting.  I cannot believe the degree to which consumerism is glorified and promoted in our society.  I also can’t believe that this family has become a household name.  It’s amazing what a little sex tape can do for a “career”…  And these numbers don’t even include the over $2 million in wedding gifts they registered for.  Oh, YES, they registered AND received gifts! Just wow…


Kim Kardashian’s Wedding by the Numbers

6:21 AM PDT 8/25/2011 by Lindsay Powers
Kim Kardashian

The carat-count on her “I do” jewelry, the price of her dresses, the ad rates E! will earn.

Kim Kardshian‘s weekend wedding to New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries is estimated to have cost $6 million by her wedding planner Sharon Sacks, who admits the E! reality star received deep discounts by promoting the companies with publicity on her Twitter account and on TV.

$100,000: Ad rates E! could charge for Oct. 9 and 10th special Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.

$2.5 Million: Price of Lorraine Schwartz headpiece she wore to walk down the aisle.

65 carats: Size of Schwartz headpiece, an homage to Audrey Hepburn, according to People magazine.

20.5 carats: Size of Schwartz engagement ring, which cost $2 million, but she received at a fraction of the price, as The Hollywood Reporter detailed.

$10 million: Cost of Schwartz jewelry she wore on her wedding day, which she called her “something borrowed.”

$5 million: Worth of her 28-carat earrings.

$200,000: Cost of Kardashian’s wedding band, which consists of 15 carats of emerald-cut diamonds.

$150,000: Price of Kardsahian’s hair, makeup and grooming, as reported by Us Weekly

$10,000: Price of Lehr & Black designed crystal-embellished black-and-white engraved gatefold invitations.

$1.5 Million: Price People magazine paid for licensing fees for the photos and exclusive access.

11 pages: Length of People’s spread on the couple.

3: Number of custom-made Vera Wang gowns Kardashian wore.

5 Million: Estimated number of total viewers for Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event. By comparison, sister Khloe‘s wedding to Lamar Odom earned 3.2 million viewers in November 2009, making it the most-watched broadcast in E!’s history at the time.

8 Million: Estimated number of people who would have tuned in if the wedding were aired live.

9.3 Million: Kardashian’s Twitter Followers

200,000: Circulation of a magazine like Brides, which is why vendors were eager for publicity for Kardashian’s wedding.


I am dying to hear your thoughts on this one…


Yes…I’m Still Alive

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…but just barely…just kidding, LOL.

If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on in my world, have a seat and tell you:

1.  I moved to the new apartment.  The location, itself, is great; the complex is ehhh.  I have come to the realization that since owning a  home, I no longer like renting.  Decisions, decisions…

2.  I’m still unpacking and sorting through things because I’m either too tired or too lazy (I can’t quite decide) to get it all done.

3.  I’m back to my strict budgeting and will be posting an update of my monthly ‘social spending allowance.’

4.  I’m thinking of opening an Ebay store to get rid of some gently used items, but I don’t know if I want to upload all of the pictures.

5.  I paid my final statement at my old apartment, but now they are trying to collect an additional $97.  I suspect, based on the incompetence of the leasing agents, that the final pro-rated balance was calculated incorrectly and now they are attempting to right their wrong–at my expense!;  not gonna happen!  I have sent my response letter threatening to report any illegal collection actions to the necessary parties, including the Better Business Bureau and I’m monitoring my credit report.

6.  I will be at the job 6 months in November, at which time I’m eligible for transfers to other departments.  I’m still vacillating on my options.  I absolutely love the company and if I moved to the business side, my hours would be more traditional.  So I’m not sure whether to stay or go back to higher ed, which I have really tired of because of all of the bureaucracy and the draining nature of dealing with, largely, unappreciated students.

7.  I’m experiencing quiet fits of rage in dealing with the underhanded, unscrupulous, co-worker.  Commission sales is a bitch, to say the least.  I’ve addressed the issue a couple of times with my manager and talked to the LYING co-worker a couple of times, but the co-worker is a Pace Setting (top seller), so she pretty much gets away with murder.  Let’s just all overlook the fact that she is a Pace Setter because of her conscienceless tactics.  I’m still learning to accept the things I cannot change…

8.  I have been absent from the blog because of lack of internet service.  I have a 30 day free trial with Clear internet service; after which time the bill will be $42 a month.  Does anyone know of any cheaper internet service?

Well, that about sums it up for me.  What is going on in your world?